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This section is a work in progress and will be updated regularly.

How can I contribute?

Astrolab is an on-chain community and as such there is always a need for help from our members. Here are some ways in which you can help:

  • Socials: spread awareness and enthusiasm about Astrolab
  • Yield hunting: report new yield opportunities that seem profitable and safe to farm
  • Development: write strategies for our Crates
  • Auditing: help to audit the protocol and strategies

Astrolab relies on automation for some parts of its protocol. Is it centralized?

To reduce gas fees for users, the protocol uses bulk sending at certain intervals. Automation is executed using on-chain services such as Chainlink Keepers and Gelato Network.

As the protocol evolves, more complex monitoring may be needed to ensure the protocol’s fluidity and integrity. The plan is to use decentralized computation services such as Internet Computer for these purposes. All privileged addresses are validated through governance.

Where does the name 'Crate' come from?

Crates are Astrolab’s multi-chain, multi-strategy vaults and the concept is a significant evolution from the classic single-strategy vaults that yield optimizers operate. Astrolab’s team thought using the name ‘Crate’ would be a good fit with the ‘sailing’ theme of Astrolab (which is a navigational tool used by sailors) and to honor the idea of composability.

Is Astrolab audited?

Safety is a core value for Astrolab, and the team is continuously working to ensure the integrity of the protocol. Please refer to the Audits page to learn more about this.

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