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Do you have a cool farming idea? Tell us more about it on Discord ! You can also help by developing connector contracts and earn a share of the protocol's profits. Click here to learn how to do it.

Crates gather yield from protocols scattered around the EVM galaxy. Here is the list of connected pools and the parameters chosen for each Crate.

[This is an example, as no Crate has been deployed yet]

Conservative USDC

#   Chain   Name               Max deposit
1.  ETH     Convex Frax-USDC    2M$
2.  ETH     Aura AaveUSD        2M$
3.  AVAX    BenQi               1M$
4.  AVAX    Synapse             1M$
5.  ARB     Stargate USDC       4M$

Aggressive USDC

#   Chain   Name               Max deposit
1.  ETH     Aura FUD pool       1M$
2.  ETH     Mero USDC           1M$
3.  ETH     Sturdy USDC         1M$
4.  ETH     Convex APE-USD      0.5M$
5.  FTM     Beets Tenacious D   1M$
6.  ARB     Stargate USDC       4M$

MIT License